What The Heck Happened? Creating a Timeline For Your Legal Counsel

If one should have a problem that could lead to a visit with a lawyer for legal advice about that problem, there would be a few William R. Livelyimportant things to remember for that first meeting.

First of all, it would be very important for the lawyer to be able to understand as quickly as possible, just what happened to give rise to the problem, and in order to begin to understand just what it might take to solve it.  Most every legal matter will tend to be fact based.  Therefore, if it would be possible to give as close as possible a  “time-line” of occurrences, including places, dates and times, as well as facts describing all of the other persons involved, and their roles in the occurrence, it would be very helpful in order to achieve such an early understanding.

Now, you can expect your consulted counsel to help you to construct your story; and it may take some time and even more than one meeting to do so.  However, most people are concerned about what it could cost to hire a lawyer to solve a legal problem, and the achievement of an answer to that question, as quickly as possible, would be greatly aided by giving the lawyer as thorough an understanding of the times, places and manners of the occurrences, and  as soon as would be possible.  If the matter should involve property damage or some kind of division of property, such as in a Divorce, or the end of a business arrangement, an inventory, description and the values of the property of such an activity would be of great importance to a quick and informed understanding on the part of a lawyer. 

Remember, debts and other liabilities will be very important to a complete understanding and valuation.   If there should be deeds, contracts or correspondence that would aid such an understanding, it would be a good idea to bring that stuff along to any first meeting; and in order to find out as quickly as possible, “What the Heck Happened?”

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