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Can I Ignore a Red Light Camera Ticket?

As the City of Santa Clarita approves red light cameras for another year, we shed some light on their use and effectiveness.

Red light cameras may be the bane of our existence, but they do assist in not only catching wrong-doers, they’ve also been very effective in lowering overall accident Can you ignore a red light camera ticket?rates at intersections in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Originally installed around the city in 2004, with a two additional devices installed in 2006, these cameras capture an image of anyone running a red light at an intersection. The photo will capture the driver’s face, as well as the license plate number of the vehicle that was driven during the infraction. The registered owner will then receive a citation in the mail whereby they have the choice of paying the fine or appearing in court.

As the Santa Clarita City Council approves their use here in the valley for another year, we first want to provide some statistics: Continue reading Can I Ignore a Red Light Camera Ticket?