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What You Need To Know About Prenuptial Agreements

Whose Stuff Is It, Anyway?

With a couple of notable exceptions, California Law will presume that any property acquired by either of the spouses What do you know about a prenuptial agreement?in a valid Marriage, during that Marriage, will be owned one ­half by each of those married persons. That means they will already own it, on a 50/50 basis, and from the time it is acquired. It doesn’t have to wait to be awarded to either of them; it will already equally belong to each of them. Such property is officially known as “Community Property” in California.

Notable exceptions would be items of property that are acquired by either of the spouses by way of gift or inheritance, even during a Marriage. Such property would be and remain the “Separate Property” of the acquiring spouse. On the other hand, property that has been acquired by either of the spouses before the Marriage; or acquired by either of them after the date that either of the spouses might separate out ­of ­the ­marriage from the other, would also be the Separate Property of the acquiring spouse. Even during the Marriage, property that is bought with the Separate Property of either of the spouses, will remain the Separate Property of the acquiring spouse. Generally, all property acquired by either of the spouses by way of the labor of either of them during the Marriage, will always be the Community Property of the Marriage, and therefore owned equally by both of the spouses. Continue reading What You Need To Know About Prenuptial Agreements

The Captain and Tennille: Who Gets The Music?

News of the famous 70’s pop duo’s breakup leaves fans shocked. So what happens now?

News broke recently about the pending divorce of Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille, better known as The Captain & Tennille. They were the pop duo famous for such

The Captain & Tennille 1976
The Captain & Tennille in happier times, 1976.

musical earworms as “Love Will Keep Us Together”, “Do That To Me One More Time,” and “Muskrat Love.” They were a big name in the mid 70’s, garnering Grammy awards and a network variety show for a season or two. Their music still permeates grocery stores and elevators near you.

Currently residing in Prescott, AZ (And still living together in the same house), news reports indicate that Daryl Dragon, 71, was blindsided when he was served divorce papers by his wife, Toni, 73. The couple have been married for 39 years, and seemed to be the quintessential “Super Couple”. Dragon wasn’t the only one blindsided. Fans and social media outlets have lit up with one too many “Well, I guess love DIDN’T keep them together” anecdotes.

Who will get what when it comes to their songs and entertainment entities?

While few know the real reasons behind The Captain & Tennille’s breakup, some news outlets uncovered divorce papers indicating that Tennille considered their marriage “irretrievably broken.” Some speculators are pointing to the fact that Dragon has been suffering long term effects from a debilitating Parkinson’s Disease-type affliction (They don’t officially state his diagnosis on their website. They do say that he’s been suffering “some sort of Parkinsonsism” since the mid 90’s). Either way, until one or both of the couple (Or a representative) issues an official statement, any indications will only be speculative. Continue reading The Captain and Tennille: Who Gets The Music?