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What To Do When You’re Involved In a Car Accident

The steps you take immediately after being injured in a traffic collision can make the difference in how your rights are protected.

It’s always out there, but we never try to think about it when we get into our cars. They never happen when you expect (Hence the word “Accident”), and they can be What to do when you're involved in an auto accidentanywhere from annoying to traumatizing to life-altering. We so rarely are involved in auto accidents as individuals that we hardly think about our actions or the consequences of those actions when one does take place. Being prepared, and acting accordingly, can make all the difference in how your collision is settled by your insurance company and/or the legal system.

So here we go. Steps to take BEFORE you have an accident.

You never know when one might happen, so it’s good to be prepared. First and foremost, if you’re not sure what your auto insurance policy covers, you might want to review just in case to make sure you have the proper coverage to suit your needs and budget. Continue reading What To Do When You’re Involved In a Car Accident

Premises Liability

How Responsible Are You When Someone Is Injured On Your Property?
How Responsible Are You When Someone Is Injured On Your Property?

Summer is here, and so will be a whole new set of telephone calls to lawyers about injuries that have occurred during vacations in the mountains, at the beaches, and at every other possible destination for exciting, and sometimes perilous activity — including one’s own home. Of course, there will continue to be those calls about injuries that have occurred close to home, like in a park or a corner grocery store. Often, we have to give unfortunate and even surprising news to those callers who have many times experienced severe and permanent injuries.

Just because you have been injured on a property owned by another, whether at home or abroad, and where you may even have been invited to engage in a dangerous activity, like mountain climbing or skateboarding, doesn’t mean that the owner of the property will be liable for an injury you have suffered there. The law has had a great amount of experience with this type of thing, and the courts tend to take the view that threat of a dangerous condition or conduct, and even the injuries that often result, are an integral part of the activity itself. Continue reading Premises Liability