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Don’t Drink and Drive, Especially When You’re Bailing Out Your Drunk Husband

Woman shows up drunk at police station while picking up her husband who was arrested for DUI.

It happens to many who don’t heed the common sense warnings about drinking and driving. So it went in Meadeville, PA for Steven Flick who was stopped by police Woman busted for being drunk while bailing drunk husband out of jail.early in the morning on January 1st. Police suspected Flick was driving under the influence, and were in the process of performing a field sobriety test when Flick decided to flee. A short foot pursuit followed, ending with Flick being handcuffed and escorted to jail, where he was booked for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Hicks’ wife, Kimberly Joy Flick, made contact with the station to make arrangements to retrieve  her husband. It was reported that during the conversation, police had warned her not to pick him up if she had been consuming alcohol. She arrived at the station a short while later, only to be charged with driving under the influence after ignoring the advice of the officer with whom she spoke.

A dumb crime made even dumber!

This is now a double-whammy for the Flick family. Penalties for DUI in Pennsylvania include fines ranging from $500-$5,000, a 12 month license suspension, mandatory alcohol education classes, and restitution for any victims who may have suffered financial loss. Mrs. Flick had many other options at her disposal, rather than make the bad decision to arrive at the station inebriated to pick up her husband. Continue reading Don’t Drink and Drive, Especially When You’re Bailing Out Your Drunk Husband

But I’m Not Drunk!!!

Driving Under The Influence Has Little To Do With HOW MUCH You’ve Had To Drink

All too often I get calls from people who have been arrested for “DUI” (Driving Under the Influence), and many of those people protest that they were not “drunk.” I have to California DUI law informationtell those people that it is unnecessary for someone to be drunk, in order to be convicted of the crime. The particular law that is involved, Section 23152 of the Vehicle Code, has an “A” and a “B” subsection. The “A” subsection would intend that a person would be found guilty if they were driving under the influence of a drug, alcohol, or a combination of both; and to an extent that their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle was impaired.

The “A’s” and “B’s” Of Drunk Driving


During the stop of a driver suspected of being “under the influence,” law enforcement will most often administer both athletic and mental tests to a suspected driver, in order to determine a level of impairment. Chemical tests of bodily fluids might follow. While even the slightest amount of alcohol can be enough to convict some people, there are those who perform better than others, when they have been drinking. That’s why the “B” section of the law was added to the statute. The “B” section would make a person guilty, regardless of their performance during a field sobriety test (“FST”), if they’re “Blood Alcohol Level”would be a 0.8%, or higher. Continue reading But I’m Not Drunk!!!